I am going on a temporary hiatus for a bit. I have someone monitoring my things and I feel uncomfortable posting until they have found better ways to utilize their time. For now I have disabled anonymous and will most likely just sign out of the app completely. I’ve already had to delete and create new email accounts to stop getting emails from this person. My entire phone needed to be reset and everything because my email was linked with EVERYTHING on my phone. I’ve had to block things and make accounts private, it’s been awesome, really. I’ll most likely end up changing my entire username to something else, so if that happens I will send everyone a mass private message letting you know what it is. If you have sent me things to read/submitted things, I’ll try to get in touch with you via email. I apologize for the delayed responses. I’m sick currently and I’m stressed every single day of my life and I’m tired of dealing with this. I guess I have wronged them and they feel the need to remind me how much they hate my guts every single day, and I just can’t handle it any longer. I will hopefully see you guys in a bit.


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A few years ago when I had extra money to play around with, I would leave envelopes with money at bus stops and in terminals for people to find in hopes it would make their days a bit better. Sometimes I would even draw little cartoons or a nice message and include it in the envelope. I liked doing it most around the holidays because people are usually short on cash, and while I had next to nothing myself, I knew there were people who had it a little worse than I did. Also, I can’t imagine riding the bus in winter is anything to write home about, so hopefully a nice gesture would warm things up a bit.

I never waited for any of their reactions. I didn’t want them to feel obligated to put on some big performance for me to show their gratitude. I wanted to be discrete and not invade anyone’s personal space, so I usually just taped them inside the terminals. I made sure to draw a nice greeting on the envelope that would not bring suspicion to people thinking it was something like anthrax or a bomb threat. Around Christmas I got a bit more personal. I would hand someone waiting for the bus an envelope, tell them happy holidays and then walk off without looking back.

Sometimes I wish that I would have waited to see what people did or how they reacted, but part of me was scared they would assume I figured them some charity case I needed to hand money to in order to fulfill some good deed to make myself feel like a decent human being. I tried not to even tell many people about what I was doing in fear that they would assume I was executing the most annoying of humble brags, but in reality maybe it’s actually a good thing to show people you care about your fellow human beings, maybe it will initiate something to show all of us that we need to start taking care of each other and any little bit helps.

Now I don’t have much money to give because like most people my age I am slammed with student loan debt and barely getting by, so instead I buy a bunch of lottery tickets and stick them at gas pumps or at bus stops. It’s not an envelope of money, but I figure if I was paying upwards of $4 a gallon for gas and saw a lottery ticket on my pump I’d be a little less sad about that whole scenario. I use black tape to tape the lotto tickets to the pumps and whatnot so I can use a silver Sharpie and draw a fun little message and of course a cartoon.

It doesn’t take an extravagant gesture to put a smile on someone’s face or turn their day around. A simple hello or a smile will do just fine, you don’t even have to spend a dime. People tend to forget the world is full of goodness because mayhem and disaster tend to over-saturate our culture. I think we are so often misrepresented by our weakest parts to the point we begin forgetting that anything positive exists out there. My grandmother used to tell me that every garden was full of weeds, but if worry only about the weeds and what they’re capable of you’ll miss the flowers. We forget to see the good in each other because we are so frightened by the ugly things we are all capable of. But there is beauty and decency in the world that exceeds any terrible deed that we are capable of, and more people should try to remind the world of that.

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Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about people unfollowing you? I get so many every day and I hardly have any followers to begin with so I guess this is more of me asking you how I can get people to stop unfollowing me. Tips on content, interaction, etc.

People unfollow me all of the time. It’s usually when I stray away from posting writing. If I post a photo of myself a good 20-30 people unfollow me and it’s usually followed with a bunch of really hateful anons. Sometimes I’ll even post a poem and a mass amount of people will unfollow me. It’s not something I’m really all that invested in though.

My advice would be care more about the people who still follow you rather than those who don’t. In fact, it’s not really a thing to worry about at all. It’s simply Tumblr. You don’t need to cater your blog to get people to like you. Post whatever the hell you want. If people like it, great and if people don’t then they unfollow you. You shouldn’t take it so personally, it’s just simple preference and I’m sure your blog is great.